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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today at Colliding Universes and The Mindful Hack

Just added to Mindful Hack:

Social psychology: "Only the lonely"? Yes, abstract concepts can generate physical sensations - for better or worse

Near death experiences: Large project to study up to 1500 cases - possible new insights into relation between mind and brain

Evolutionary psychology: Do people see faces in cars?

Today at Colliding Universes

Dark energy, go gently into that good night ... and take the "Copernican Principle" with you ... ?

Podcast: Cosmologist Paul Davies versus both the designed universe and the multiverse

Space exploration: Stephen Hawking urges, Boldly go ... but why, exactly?

Also, today at The Mindful Hack,

Spirituality: A conventional sad tale does not transform into a spiritual memoir just because God is hat tipped

The difference between the mind and the brain ... in under one minute

Ici un entretien a blog paranormal re Du cerveau à Dieu - plaidoyer d’un neuroscientifique pour l’existence de l’âme

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