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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Science" heroine? Or just another example of "Darwinists think the rules never apply to them"

Texas science education administrator Chris Comer is a Darwinist heroine, if you go by the legacy media hype mill. The story was, she was fired last year for political interference to promote Darwinism in education. However, according to John West at the Discovery Institute, there is way more to the story of how she and her employer went separate ways:

- Multiple findings of “insubordination” and “misconduct[.]”

- Reference to possible violation of the Texas Penal Code over payments made to Comer from entities receiving TEA [Texas Education Authority] money under contracts she administered.

- Comer received three separate disciplinary letters spanning at least eight separate incidents. Seven of these eight incidents had nothing to do with evolution.

- Comer had been disciplined and charged with “insubordination” because she repeatedly disregarded the TEA’s strict rule that staff must remain neutral and silent regarding unsettled curricular questions. Comer was charged with insubordination for violating this rule on issues that had nothing to do with evolution. In her last year alone at the TEA, Comer was found by superiors to be guilty of “insubordination” or “misconduct” on three separate occasions, including one incident where she disparaged the TEA leadership publicly.
West provides a whack of supporting documentary material here.

My take: If you are a civil servant, you get paid regular and you keep your mouth shut. If you are an activist, you get paid sometimes and you say whatever advances your cause. Comer seems not to have understood that she had to make a choice in this matter.

And if she really dissed the Texas Education Agency (which pays her salary) in public, she was a Goner, not a Comer, for sure.

And just when I thought I had heard all the news I could stand from Texas, this falls into my in bin. Apparently,
AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Chicken Littles at the Texas Freedom Network (TFN) are ranting that the sky is falling because two of the six experts selected to review the states science standards co-authored Explore Evolution, a textbook that examines both the strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution (

What the TFN doesnt reveal is that another of the expert reviewers co-authored a one-sided, Darwin-only textbook! David Hillis, a biology professor at UT Austin co-authored the 2008 edition of Life: The Science of Biology, a textbook whose previous editions have been approved for use in Texas high schools. Hillis also serves as a spokesman for a pro-evolution lobbying group that is trying to remove language in the Texas science standards requiring students to study the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories. Gerald Skoog, another expert reviewer, has signed a statement issued by the same pro-evolution group, and he too has been a science textbook author and has a long history as a pro-Darwin activist.
Well, sure, but there's no surprise in any of this. Darwinists merely assume that the story of evolution has only one side, and it is theirs. And it is not to be questioned. That is what makes them scientific. Memorize. Repeat. Believe. Rinse. Repeat.

The big question: I wish Ontario were as popular as Texas. We could be if anyone ever tried to buck the system here.

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