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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Michael Behe and Darwin's big theory

Years ago, I met Michael Behe, American biochemist and author of Edge of Evolution, and he - then and always - struck me as a scientist who needed to witness to what science is supposed to be, against the spirit of the age.

Born in the wrong time, he was. In a time when scientists exist to provide proof for fascistic atheism.

Darwin's theory of evolution is promoted in order to make atheism work.

Behe could not make Darwin's theory work because the theory is not true to the reality of life. And he was not willing to buy into the many ways that others cope with that fact, and go on with their careers.

Political correctness demands that he either make the theory work, or pretend to. But he can't because it is not true.

Of course, hordes of grantsmen are willing to pretend that it is true. The sponsors of theories like the peacock's tail and the big bazooms theory of human evolution prance and dance before the grants committees. So?

Surely we have all been here before. Flatuent profs and glad rag-waving teachers, to say nothing of eager, agreeable museum docents. The sort of people whose position depends on agreeing with whatever is going down.

But they cannot make their shibboleth true by an exercise of the will alone.

No wonder Behe is so hated. Anyway, here is a podcast with Behe:

How Michael Behe Came to Doubt Darwin's Theory

Click here to listen.

This episode of ID the Future features a clip from national radio host Michael Medved's intriguing interview with CSC senior fellow and biochemist Michael Behe. How did Behe, author of Darwin's Black Box and The Edge of Evolution first come to doubt Darwin's theory? Listen in and find out.


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