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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Intellectual freedom in Canada: So Mark Steyn was acquitted - what about the rest of us?

Do you want to know what it looks like when the Canadian "human rights" commission is snooping around your blog? This is for Blazing Cat Fur who says it is okay to quote because they visit all the time.

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Entry Page Time: 11th October 2008 07:34:19 AM

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Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Hostname: ( CHRC [Edit Label]

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And Blazing Cat Fur adds "HI Denyse, the info I gave you is the CHRC, they are a daily visitor to me, along with the CJC, the Justice dept shows up less frequently."

Here, via Kathy "Five Feet of Fury" Shaidle, is her co-author on The Tyranny of Nice's comments on the recent acquittal of popular columnist mark Steyn and Canada's historic Maclean's Magazine on "hate" charges:

the Muslim community was screwed over in my opinion because this decision comes out on Friday, the Muslim day of faith, when many devout Muslims cannot respond. Moreover, as the Muslims point out, every other special interest group in the country has [ab]used these tribunals to get their way. But once again, nobody said anything until the Muslims came along, at which point they bear the brunt of a backlash.

Well-placed sources in the the Muslim community have told me they were encouraged by Canada's so-called 'human rights' industry to launch these complaints. I believe them.
I suspect these so-called human rights commissions and tribunals were probably looking to expand their power, and thought they could do so on the backs of Canada's Muslim community.

After all, it's pretty slim pickings with the basement nazis today, who cannot earn enough of paycheck to move out of their parent's basement and purchase their own under-arm deodorant, let alone organize the takeover of my Polish grandmother's favorite bakery (as Kathy would say).
But having built an entire government department around a problem that no longer exists, the department must now find a new problem (or expand the old one) to justify its existence.
Alternatively, the "human rights" commissions can all be fired.

Another screen shot of a suspect appears below these links:

Here are some links:

From Free Mark Steyn (but please, spare a thought for the little people that the "human rights" commissions will go back to attacking on Tuesday morning. (Monday is a statutory holiday in Canada.)

Today’s Links
Mark Steyn talked to Rob Breakinridge
Steyn on the Corner
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The Toronto Star, Reuters, the CBC, The National Post, The Vancouver Sun, the CTV
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N.S. Scott: “BC HRT on Steyn article: We deem it publishable”
Jay Currie I, Jay Currie II
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Gyapong I, and Gyapong II
the Canadian Arab Federation, and the Canadian Islamic Congress
In Canada, free speech does not exist in any meaningful way
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Re: The Steyn Verdict
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More as we find them.. or put them in the comments if you do. Let’s give the HRC people visiting here a clear idea of how big, widespread and serious we all are.

Yesterday’s Links

Mark Steyn and Maclean, acquitted (BlogFree)
NROTC: Complaint Against Steyn Dismissed
Aw nuts, we won, says Coyne
Ed Driscoll: Steyn Survives The Tyranny Of Nice
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BC HRT dismisses case against Maclean’s and Mark Steyn (Gyapong)
The Actual Verdict (.pdf)
The NatPost; The VanSun; CTV
Western Standard
Breakenridge: Steyn & Maclean’s Acquitted / System Still Guilty
Andrew Coyne is blogging on the decision.
Flaming Catfish: “The BCHRT Roo’s save their butts - Islamists sent packin Macleans and Steyn Walk!
Teh Shaidle
Michelle Malkin and comments
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“Aw nuts, we won” scared of their lame status BCHRC aint taking Steyn to court
Small Dead Animals and comments ensued
Covenant Zone
Damian Penny
Denyse O’Leary
Daily Bayonet
Ghost Of A Flea
Laywers Are Cool?.. nada!
Protein Wisdom.. pithy as ever__._,_.___

Screen shot of potential "human rights" suspect blogger:

see they were at Covenant Zone at 6.24 AM ET, via blackberry - are they so personally dedicated in preserving their business, or, notwithstanding the blackberry person, is it that they have some kind of computer program visiting and taking snap shots of blogs?
Domain Name ? (Canada)
IP Address

198.103.143.# (GTIS)


North America
Canada (Facts)
45.4167, -75.7 (Map)

Operating System

Unknown Unknown

Default 4.2.2BlackBerry8830/4.2.2 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/126

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Oct 11 2008 3:24:21 am
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Oct 11 2008 3:24:21 am
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0 seconds
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Ottawa Ontario Canada

* One friend writes,

As far as I know GTIS is just a general Government of Canada IT service, not used by the CHRC. I get a lot of traffic from GTIS domains, it's probably nothing more than civil servants reading blogs (on taxpayer time).

This is the information I found for GTIS: Subdomain : CANADA.GC.CAAlias : : InformationbDelivery Services/GTISStatus of Application : Delegation of Authority

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunals domain looks like this:

Subdomain : CHRT-TCDP.GC.CAAlias :Organization/Department : Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Status of Application : Delegation of Authority

Provincial HRC hits look like the one that was checking out our soon to be disappeared friend BCF this morning.

having said that, I could be wrong. see you in the gulags.

(Friend adds later: I hope you didn't interpret my message as defending the HRC's, I don't. The visit that BCF got was definitely an HRC goon, but Covenant Zone could have been from anywhere. I only wanted to make that clarification. I've been getting visits from HRC's for months, especially the BCHRT after I followed the Steyn/Maclean's trial closely. So far I've not been disap.....)

Okay, friend. The main thing to see here is that Canadians have absolutely no rights in these matters. If your view is correct, I would recommend assuming that any track from IS the Canadian "human rights" Commission. Let the non-snitches, non-sneaks, deny it!
More from Blazing:

Here's the rest of the Days CHRC visits, someones putting a long shift, 7:34 am start, 6:15 pm finish

Referring Link No referring link
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Country Canada
Region Ontario
City Ottawa
ISP Gtis
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 2 hours 47 mins 45 secs
Operating System
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