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Monday, October 06, 2008

Intellectual freedom in Canada: As election nears, the green, dark forest is stirring!

For one thing, Guy Earle is back, and this time the comedian - charged by the BC human rights commission - is offering

Hey Folks and comics

New show starts THIS SUNDAY the 12th
PRO-AM open stage - come down for a spot, best act gets paid spot following week
(+ a weekly surprize guest) MC'ed by Guy Earle and friends... here's the

NEW WEEKLY SUNDAY ROOM (starting Oct.12) "Rebels in a PC World" is a weekly PRO-AM open stage hosted by Guy Earle (and friends) every Sunday night at Whelan's Gate (1663 Bloor St West) from 8-10pm. It's a PWYC-anything-goes celebration of new and true stand-up comedy. Open stage with at least two pro comics to end off the show.

Whelan's is a cool Irish bar on Bloor between Dundas West and Keele. Great atmosphere and small energy-filled room. We don't know what to expect but there should be a boat load of law suits!

email me for spots; whooa!

And this would be the Saturday before the election, too ...

Look, I always say, don't just be offensive, be funny. However, you can't be funny without offending people who lack a sense of humour. And, while we are here, beware the Man of No Jokes.

Also, Nigel Hannaford of the Calgary Herald tells us of a key victory: "A pro-life free-speech heroine walks free" (October 04, 2008): Linda Gibbons has spent 75 months of the last fourteen years in jail in Canada for trying to non-violently talk women out of abortions. As Hannaford tells it,
So she kept showing up, being arrested, going to jail, and because she wouldn't promise not to go back to her spot on the sidewalk, stayed there for years.

It is important to understand Gibbons, a frail woman of 60 who reportedly weighs all of 100 lbs, is totally non-violent. On none of the dozen occasions she was arrested, did she resist. She would, however, speak to women entering the clinic.

The need to care for elderly parents took her off the front line for a few years, but eventually she was back, silently walking up and down outside a Toronto abortion clinic.

As on other occasions, she was charged with obstructing a peace officer.

This past Tuesday though, and unlike former occasions, she was acquitted. A Toronto provincial court judge decided her non-violence and non-resistance could not be construed as obstructing a peace officer in the performance of his duties.
Some say that the acquittal was a strategic move to avoid a jury trial, because no jury would convict her. She had never done anything except argue the other side.

Hat tip to Franklin Carter , Editor and Researcher, at the Freedom of Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical Council of Canada, who also reminds me
Freedom and justice do not depend on the goodness of the people up top, but on the courage of the people down below.

- Richard Needham (1969)

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