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Monday, October 20, 2008

7. Do liberal fascists single out specific people as targets for attack?

Certainly. A hallmark of all types of fascism is to single out enemies who are supposedly the cause of the fascist's problems and demand that the government "do something" about them. This was true ever since fascism first arose in the mid-nineteenth century - as a response to the anxieties of modern, urban life.

From Goldberg,
Those who stood in the way - the bourgeoisie, the "unfit," the "greedy," the "individualist," the traitor the kulak, the Jew - could be demonized as the "other" because, at the end of the day, they were not merely expendable, nor were they merely reluctant to join the collective, they were by their very existence blocking the will to power that gave the mob and the avant-garde which claimed to speak for it their reason for existence. (P. 85)
Today, the target is group is white males.
The white male is the Jew of liberal fascism. The "key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race," writes the whiteness studies scholar and historian Noel Ignatiev. Whiteness studies is a cutting-edge academic discipline sweeping American higher education. Some thirty universities have WS departments, but many more schools teach the essentials of whiteness studies in other courses. (p. 368)
Civil rights lawyer Ezra Levant has observed that tendency here in Canada:
... we have granted absurd discretion to politically charged activists to go after whoever they like. And so is it any surprise that 98% of those charged with Section 13 offenses are white Christian men?
And once charged, they are almost always found guilty.
No one has ever been acquitted, because no one could ever be acquitted. I have probably committed six or seven hate crimes just in my talk. Because what I said it may exhort someone to some feeling. Maybe I've even committed a crime against myself.
Here is a simple test: Have you noticed how permissible it has become - in a variety of venues - to heap abuse on white males, particularly Christian ones? Abuse that would get you banished from polite society if you said it about any other type of person?

In addition to their largely imaginary demonized enemies, fascists do have one set of genuine opponents: Supporters of classical liberal democracy and/or constitutional monarchy. While such people associate with conservative political parties at present (because they have nowhere else to go), they should not be confused with the "right wing." Right-wingers can be just as fascist, just as interventionist, and display just as much contempt for civil liberties as left-wingers - but their chain is yanked by different issues from the left-wingers' chain.

Canadian lawyer and publisher Ezra Levant - a key foe of the illiberal "human rights" commissions, for example, is technically a Conservative. But in Europe he would be considered a classical liberal in the tradition of John Stuart Mill - that is, he is a traditional non-fascist liberal.

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