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Monday, October 20, 2008

11. Explain what you mean when you say that liberal fascism exalts feelings over facts

All types of fascism exalt feelings over facts. The fascist thinks with her gut. She "knows," for example, that most parents are abusive and need therapy forced on them. Or else she "knows" that hunting lodge owners want bears to go extinct, etc.

She also knows for sure that she should lobby for new laws. That's what gives her life meaning, new laws and new rulings that set aside older, more cautious laws. From Goldberg:
Historically, fascism is of necessity and by design a form of youth movement, and all youth movements have more than a whiff of fascism about them. The exaltation of passion over reason, action over deliberation, is a naturally youthful impulse. ... Youth politics - like populism generally - is the politics of the tantrum and the hissy fit. The indulgence of so-called youth politics is one face of the sort of cowardice and insecurity that leads to the triumph of barbarism. (P. 165)
Incidentally, students are amng the strongest supporters of fascism of all kinds:
Regional studies of Nazi participation found that students generally outpaced any other group in their support for National Socialism. (P. 167)
Thus, it is no surprise that American university campuses so strongly support liberal fascism that Foundation for Individual Rights in Education was started a few years ago to challenge a staggering variety of attempts at censorship in the very place where intellectual freedom is most important.

(Note: Hunting lodge owners are about as likely to want all the bears to die as dairy farmers are to want all the cows to die. An inability to grasp so obvious a fact is an example of how liberal fascism dumbs people down.)

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