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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Want "nice"? Move to Canada. And give UP on human dignity, okay?

Here is an excerpt from The Tyranny of Nice by Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere, coming out at the end of this month, which rips the lid off where being merely "nice" to liberal fascists has led Canadians. The picture on the right advises you where.

By the time the “show trial” against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s began on June 2, 2008 the case had become a cause celebre in the formidable U.S. conservative media network of blogs and talk radio. Four heavyweight pundits--Jonah Goldberg, Robert Spencer, David Harsanyi and Pat Buchanan--rebuked the censors of “Soviet Canuckistan” on the very same day.

But Canada’s liberal mainstream media more or less shrugged. Veteran journalism professor John Miller condemned the “xenophobic” Steyn in an online forum by and for professional reporters, accusing Steyn of failing to express his opinions “in food [sic] faith”, then scolding prissily that “everyone must obey the law.” This lead Parliament Hill reporter Deborah Gyapong to ask the obvious question: “What if the law advocated slavery or chopping off hands?”
"Not a few bloggers noted ruefully that the last day of Steyn’s trial coincided with the anniversary of D-Day, and wondered what the Canadian soldiers who’d died on Juno Beach would make of their nation today.

Well, I know what such men wonder because my own father, who is a veteran and an RCAF escapee, phoned to ask me ... what is going on? Why is Mark Steyn or Maclean's Magazine facing charges? Why is Ezra Levant facing charges?
He didn't know about the hundreds of little people ground under the heel of the jackboot, whose stories will be detailed in The Tyranny of Nice (... and in Ezra Levant's forthcoming book, more below)

The reality is that, here in Canada, the "Conservative" government has so far totally supported the jackboot, leaving the democracy-loving population - born here or abroad - to fight on our own.
We are brave but we are not immortal.

Yes! Ezra Levant = (The EZ!) is indeed publishing a book with McClelland and Stewart in March 2009:

Part memoir, part investigative journalism, this is a shocking and controversial look at the corruption of Canada’s human rights commissions.

“On January 11, 2008, I was summoned to a 90-minute government interrrogation. My crime? As the publisher of Western Standard magazine, I had reprinted the Danish cartoons of Mohammed to illustrate a news story. I was charged with the offence of “discrimination,” and made to appear before Alberta’s “human rights commission” for questioning. As crazy as it sounds, I became the only person in the world to face legal sanction for printing those cartoons.”

As a result of this highly publicized event, Ezra Levant began investigating other instances in which innocent people have had their freedoms compromised by bureaucrats presuming to protect Canadians’ human rights. He discovered some disturbing and even bizarre cases, such as the tribunal ruling that an employee at a McDonald’s restaurant in Vancouver did not have to wash her hands at work. And the human rights complaint filed by a Calgary hair stylist against the women at a salon school who called him a “loser.” In another case that seemed stranger than fiction, an emotionally unstable transvestite fought for — and won — the right to counsel female rape victims, despite the anguished pleas of those same traumatized victims. Human rights commissions now monitor political opinions, fine people for expressing politically incorrect viewpoints, censor websites, and even ban people, permanently, from saying certain things.

The book is a result of Levant’s ordeal and the research it inspired. It shows how our concept of human rights has morphed into something dangerous and drastically different from its original meaning. Shakedown is a convincing plea to Canadians to reclaim their basic liberties.
If you have ever doubted that there are strong Canadians, please watch this government interrogation, which begins, "My name is Ezra Levant."

Yes, there ARE strong Canadians. We will take our country back, and make it once again a home for people who want something better than tyranny and disgrace - a True North strong and free.

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