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Friday, September 12, 2008

Message to Careless the Mexican Hairless: You and the Darwin fans need to chew a bone together

British physicist David Tyler discusses recent findings in how dogs come to be hairless:

... the nature of this mutation is that it is a degeneration of the genome. There is no new information, but rather a loss leading to decreased functionality. These mutants are kept alive by mankind, whether they be Aztecs who considered them sacred nearly 4000 years ago, or whether they be proud owners who are prepared to pay $1000 for the experience of having one as a pet. Outside these environments, they would soon die. The take-home message is that these dogs are witnesses to the largely negative impact of mutations on living things.

Darwinists have a hard task when they set out to convince the world that the rare occasional mutation is responsible for building complexity. We are rather short of any good examples of this.

While we are here, apparently, in Sonoma, California (where else?), there is a world's ugliest dog contest.

The ugliest dog contest is enough to make one think that intelligent design always means non-human design. But no. Working with, not against nature, humans can help the dog be its best self.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy here:


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