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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How angry is the Brit god of science? - pretty angry, it seems ...

Following up on the USA Today fantasy: All is well in Britain between faith and science ... scientists holler for Jesus in pulpits ...

In case anyone wonders how angry the angry god of British science is - against anyone who believes in the existence of another God - read on:

In "Blinded by a divine light" (Guardian, September 28, 2008), Harry Kroto, a 1996 Nobelist and part of a cabal who went after sinner Michael Reiss explained,
I do not have a particularly big problem with scientists who may have some personal mystical beliefs – for all I know the President of the Royal Society may be religious. However, I, and many of my Royal Society colleagues, do have a problem with an ordained minister as Director of Science Education – this is a totally different matter. An ordained minister must have accepted that there was a creator (presumably more intelligent than he is?) thus many of us (maybe 90% of FRSs) cannot see how such a person can pontificate on how to tackle this fundamentally unresolvable conflict at the science/religion interface. Reiss cannot have his religious cake in church and eat the scientific one in the classroom. This is where the intellectual integrity issue arises – and it is the crucial issue in the Reiss affair.
I have had numerous reasons over the years for thinking that "theistic evolutionists" like Michael Reiss are mostly the well-meaning useful idiots of a political church, Soviet-style, but his career ruin surely makes that clear.

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