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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canadian Earth Scientists "extremely concerned" about creationism/ID

I have been alerted by a reader to the fact that the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences has recently (September 19, 2008) warned:
Canadian media report growing public pressure to introduce Creationism and its equivalent Intelligent Design (ID) in school curricula, hinting that Creationism/ID is a 'theory', thus suggesting that it shares common ground with science-based theories. Such reporting ignores the fundamental difference between faith and measurable facts. CFES-FCST is extremely concerned about this trend, and not only because of the demonstrated importance of science to Canadian society.
They don't say which Canadian media, where, or when.

This much I know is true: Last year, I was pestered by several TV crews filming hit documentaries intended to show that intelligent design was a big THREAT in Canada.

I don't even know if any of those docs ever got made. But I told most or all of them that, last I heard, it is still legal for Canadians buy and read books about why the universe shows evidence of intelligent design and/or books that offer evidence against Darwinism and/or a variety of other establishment science claims. That is all that is happening now in Canada.

And if it's a crime, I am certainly guilty, ossifer. I have on my shelves books that span the spectrum of support and dissent.

Speaking for myself, I have always been a strong advocate of teaching basic skills in education (4Rs = reading, writing, arithmetic and research skills) and of allowing students to ask questions - as long as the purpose is not to trap and indoctrinate the students .

My view: These "rock stars" want attention. And sadly, rocks can't love ya. Sure, they rock, but they can't love ya.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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