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Monday, August 04, 2008

Why the education system needs to inculcate materialism and Darwinism

In the first of three excerpts from his book, Makers and Takers, author Peter Schweizer examines why liberal communities favour health spas and sushi bars, but view children as a burden. Then how to pass on their materialist ideas? Well, they do have a solution, Schweizer claims, quoting one of them,
“I’d say that the author of a popular book has far more aggregate influence than do one set of parents. So if the book is very popular and captures the imaginations of kids, presto, you’ve done a lot to insure that the ideas that are important to you live long after you pass on … If it’s the ideas that matter then I suppose that there are ways that folks like you can propagate the ideas without having your own kids be your lab rats.”
Think of all the earnest, child-free people out there flogging one brand of materialist ideology or another, earning a good living on tax money by passing it on to other people's children. It is not Dawkins's "selfish gene" but to be sure, but they seem to think this will work better.

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