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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why would Brazilians want to hear from a chemist who thinks there is design in nature?

A friend from Brazil has been writing to tell me that the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science cancelled a lecture by chemist Marcos N Eberlin, Prof Dr Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP (State University of Campinas) Instituto de Química (Institute of Chemistry) when they discovered that he might be talking about the design of our universe. Now Eberlin writes to say,
I sent the organizers the title of my talk and a resume. They accept it and added the talk to the scientific program. For two weeks my talk was advertized in the SBPC 2008 reunion website (see program enclosed) for Tuesday 15 10:30h (Terça Feira = Tuesday).

Yesterday I got an email for the organization saying simply and rudely that my talk had been cancelled! No explanations, no excuses… I then asked for a explanation, and they said ID is religion in the board of directors SBPC opinion and that is why they cancelled my talk. I let them know how erroneous they are and that ID is Science in its essence and that people would know no intelligence is allowed also at the SBPC meetings but as usual they were inflexible.
So that is the story. I think we should let everybody knows how scientific organizations are acting … people have the right to know.

I have a few other talks about ID in public universities here in Brazil scheduled for the 2nd semester, lets see if they will act to cancel these talks also… I hope not.

Dr. Eberlin, don't be surprised if other talks are suddenly cancelled. Always remember that your local adminbots need the idea that there is no design in nature - it provides the perfect excuse for their frightened stampede round the file cabinets.

They do not show intelligence because - intelligence does not exist anyway!

I hope you get a chance to give your lecture in Canada. Some here would like to hear it.

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