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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More weird news from Darwin's new world: The Myers cracker controversy

While I am busy emptying the "weird and wonderful" tray (see below for the claim that the Discovery Institute is in league with Islamic radicals), a friend sends me this observation on the "Myers cracker controversy."

Apparently, Minnesota biologist PZ Myers (best known around here as the Prophet of the Pharyngula), a virulent anti-design advocate who achieved national recognition when Expelled line producer Mark Mathis threw him out of a screening, announced that he was going to try to desecrate a host (the Catholic communion wafer, considered to be the body and blood of Christ).

Now, I have long regarded Myers as an unpleasant crackpot, and he has saved me the trouble of demonstrating that by doing it so vividly himself.

Oh, and here is another cracker-ology comment.


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