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Saturday, July 05, 2008

More on Louisiana's "assault on Darwin" ...

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown are pretty happy with the new Louisiana academic freedom bill that would permit teachers to discuss reasons why Darwin's theory of evolution might not be correct:
One would think legislation which allows an environment that promotes “critical thinking” and “objective discussion” in the classroom would please everyone -- it did the bipartisan group of legislators in Louisiana -- but such is not the case. The New York Times felt threatened by the legislation, calling it “retrograde,” naming its editorial on the topic, “Louisiana’s Latest Assault on Darwin.” They were attempting to pressure Gov. Jindal to not sign the law, using a number of tactics including implicit ridicule, subtle belittling insults and untruths.

The law is straightforward and clearly restricts any intent to promote a religious doctrine. There is no mention of either intelligent design or creationism. Darwinism is not banned and teachers are required to teach students from standard textbooks. But the Times calls the legislation a “Trojan horse” because the state board of education must, upon request of local school districts, help foster an environment of “critical thinking” and “open discussion” on controversial scientific subjects. This allows teachers to use supplemental materials to analyze evolution and show views other than Darwin’s theory. It allows evolution to be criticized, and the law protects the rights of teachers and students to talk freely about a wide range of ideas without fear of reprisal.
Actually, Louisiana isn't that far off the track.

Actually, even Darwinists are now discussing how to rescue their theory without resorting to a political coup.

As evil intelligent design theorist Paul Nelson writes,
Evolutionary theory is in — and has been, for a long time — a period of great upheaval. Much of this upheaval is masked by the noise and smoke of the ID debate, and by the steady public rhetoric of major science organizations, concerned to tamp down ID-connected dissent. You know the lines: “Darwinian evolutionary theory is the foundation of biology,” et cetera.

But the upheaval is there, and increasing in amplitude and frequency.
Keep moving folks, nothing to see here ...

I am antsy about the Louisiana bill. After you've tried writing curriculum for what seems like fifty different government-led revolutions in education, all you want is for the government to Just Butt Out. But, come to think of it, how would I know they were still the government if they weren't making a mess of things?

Note: The picture is of a Louisiana alligator, from the Louisiana Advocate newspapers in education program. Alligators should be laughing. Do alligators bother with evolution? I can't imagine why. Once you are an alligator, where are you gonna go?


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