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Friday, July 11, 2008

Louisiana Academic Freedom Bill: White lab coats to take refuge behind black law robes?

Here’s patent attorney Roddy Bullock on the nerve of the Bayou swamp monsters daring to question Darwin:

Professor Barbara Forrest, an unflagging mouthpiece for Darwinian hegemony, tried to mobilize a "huge network of e-mails" to Gov. Jindal's office to stop the act's supporters from "boldly introducing religion into public education." Alan Leshner of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS, proclaimed the act "would unleash an assault against scientific integrity." And, of course, the sky would fall.
Oh, so that’s what all that crap is, over the way! The sky falling. And here I thought someone nearby was doing an under-the-radar home reno .... Silly me, it’s the sky falling after all.

Seriously, Bullock says,
Louisiana may see the next court battle over the teaching of evolution. But making white lab coats subservient to black law robes is the business of scientific cowards – mainstream science has become sadly dependent upon federally protected and subsidized truth. But history shows that science-by-robed-decree, whether by Papal Bull or judicial bunk, is rarely sustainable against contrary evidence. The fine citizens of Louisiana sense this, and simply wish for their children to have science taught fully and honestly in an environment of academic freedom.
Well, I hope academic freedom is reflected in better grades. Louisiana is not a high performing state academically, though it is said to be improving.

(Note: I take assessments like the one linked with a large helping of salt because they often obscure critical information. For example, the parishes of New Orleans, like New York’s inner city schools, may be appallingly bad, but upriver the standards could well be more like those of upstate New York. Let's think before we freak.)

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