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Friday, July 11, 2008

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Charged comedian Guy Earle kindly writes to say,

In response to this post, hoping that the comedians at the laugh-in against the "human rights" commissions have the courage to be funny, Guy writes

I defend my comedy from the stage. If people think I'm unfunny, shouldn't they see me perform before they pass judgement

I have been part of and seen HUNDREDS of amazing shows form coast to coast where REAL social commentary is being traded like precious stones. I haven't seen more ignorant hatred and unqualified statements than the ones that come from my detractors! they don't even know me or have seen me!

Losers, the whole whack of 'em

They don't know the first thing about comedy and should go f themselves!

But that's just me
Guy, for once it isn't just you. Lots of people are sick of the nanny monsters. Canadians are converging on that!

- breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking -

Syed Soharwardy, complainant against Ezra Levant, has told Pete Vere of Soo Today (July 11, 2008):

Response to recent human rights decisions

by Syed Soharwardy

When I initiated my complaint against Mr. Levant, I saw human rights commissions as a non-violent means of resolving differences among Canadians.

I was not aware of the controversies between the commissions and Canada's faith communities. I am thinking specifically of my friend Fred Henry, the Roman Catholic bishop of Calgary.

Upon learning about the difficulties he and other faith communities have encountered with the commissions, I withdrew my complaint against Mr. Levant.
Read more here. Good stuff.

We need far more Canadians like Rev. Soyarwardy, wo see the light, and far fewer like the population of our “human rights” commissions.

The latter should be looking for useful jobs soon, and it won't be my fault if they are not.

- breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking breaking -

(Resume regularly scheduled news ... )

And in a followup note, Guy adds:

You gotta love people who criticize something they know nothing about. I think that has got to be my favorite ignorant thing.

I ain't no Carrottop. I do my blogging from the stage in real life.

In 3-D reality I express my opinions and I fight for a country that allows me to do it. I invite naysayers and skeptics but please be informed in your slander.

Come to my show, let me prove to you how unfunny I am. And while you are counting your bullets, waiting for me to get on the stage and be lame, take a look around the crowd and the performers... see a love of freedom that can only be felt in a Comedy Club (which doesn't exist in anywhere but the free world), feel proud that we can all be together despite our diversity and differences of opinions... If you feel it for one heartbeat, I have done my job.
Guy, in my view, you are doing a great job, making comedy relevant to our real problems in Canada. I look forward to your show.

All I ask of all the comics is, be both funny and relevant. Guy obviously is - otherwise he would not have been charged - now let's see what the rest of them do ...

By the way, I myself will sooner go to jail than become a snack for the nanny monsters. I am not asking you or anybody to do something I wouldn't do myself.

(Note: The image is from Dave Thomas's Instant Cast.)

Also: Blazing Cat Fur writes to say:

CHRC [The Canadian Human Rights Commission] is looking for tickets

kinda scary they visit so frequently they come straight to my blog now

Referring Link
Host Name
IP Address CHRC [Edit Label]

Well, they can bloody PAY for 'em. Guy, make sure they do, and be sure to ANNOUNCE which government sneaks and snitches are there and where they are seated.

Remember, a fundamental rule in North America has been "No soldiers shall be quartered upon the people." Let alone snitches!

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