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Monday, July 07, 2008

Evolve already, huffingtons

In "Big Bang on the Bayou", Ken Connor reflects on the way in which public education Louisiana has become a cause of alarm in the wake of Louisiana's "assault on Darwin":
So why are the denizens of blogs like the Huffington Post in such a huff? Because "science" is their "truth," and it is blasphemous to question their beliefs.

Secularists are unwilling to have their orthodoxy challenged. Just as Galileo had to fight against the church and government of his day, those who dare to question today's "settled" theories are banished by scientific and political Inquisitors. The implications of being wrong are too much to fathom; therefore, the secularist worldview must go unchallenged.

[ ... ]

Thus, any analysis that calls into question any aspect (no matter how small) of the theory of evolution becomes an educational and/or constitutional crisis.

Actually, for most of the huffingtons, Darwinian evolution is not a theory, it is their state-supported religion. It is as subject to criticism in North American schools as Islam is in Saudi Arabian schools or the glorious Communist Party in Chinese schools.

And for the same reason too: Those who do not trust themselves to demonstrate a truth try to enforce it.

Evolve already, huffingtons. The alligators are laughing at you.


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