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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Comics rally for freedom: Let's LAUGH Canada's "human rights" commissions out of existence!

Guy Earle, the "edgy guy" whose jokes, according to the BC Human Rights Tribunal, are not funny (he is being charged because someone was offended), has just written me to say:

Thought this might be news worthy for you,
and thanks for all the support, by the way!

There will be some talent apearing to support the fight, it should be a doozie!


COMICS FOR FREEDOM RALLY to be held at The Comedy Bar (945B Bloor West) on Saturday, July 19 in Toronto. Canadian Comic, Guy Earle, is holding a benefit show, celebrating 40 years of stand-up comedy, to raise money for his impending Human Rights Tribunal. Guy is being taken before the Human Rights Tribunal based on his comebacks to a heckler during a Vancouver comedy night back in May 2007.

The show is UNIQUE in its format. 40 comics will hit the stage for one minute of raw, uncensored social commentary. Stand-up is the embodiment of FREE SPEECH and this show personifies our right to speak while we still can. The show, on July 19th, starts at 9pm and tickets will be available before the show and at the door for 20$. Comics are invited to register for the show at Supporters for the cause are invited to come to the show or donate at the same homepage. Come one, Come all, but REMEMBER there WILL BE offensive language!

good laughs and best wishes,
Guy Earle

Guy, you are most welcome, and it is interesting to reflect that it would never have crossed my mind to attend late nite comedy until the BC Human Rights Commission decided to get into the business of joke law.

Just because they themselves are a bad joke?

No but, commissioners darlings, ... being a bad joke yourselves means you are NOT funny. So you should NOT be judges of jokes.

More here.

(By the way, at my age, I have heard all the profanity there is. I may even have invented some but choose not to be interviewed on the point. - d.)

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