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Friday, July 11, 2008

Animation of life inside the cell as high art?

Here’s another great animation of life inside the body and the cell, from Hybrid Medical Animations.
They enter the realm of high art, achieving a combination of Truth and Beauty ...

- from an unidentified endorsement

The music is well suited too.

I wrote to the friend who drew it to my attention,
Medical animations are quite helpful because many people still believe the “brick theory of the cell.” = that the body is built out of cells as a wall is of bricks, with the brick being less organized than the wall. But the cell is something between a factory and a supercomputer.

The remarkable thing is that the wretched caterpillar I found on a rosebud and threw to the wolf spider was like that. As is the spider itself.

One realizes that Darwin’s explanation for how all this came to be is not even relevant.

Darwin argued that it all happened because the stronger life form survives to breed. That, of course, is doubtless true, but it is not going to give you a supercomputer! – d.

(Note: The video starts a couple of seconds after you access the page.)


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