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Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Accepting evolution" does not make you an atheist? Oh come on, not this rubbish again!

A Dr. Ginger Campbell, MD, of the Brain Science podcast, writes to say,
I happened upon your recent blog post "Straw in the wind." and I just wanted to say that I agree with you that the most rabid atheists have done more to promote intelligent design than they seem to realize. I recently interviewed Eugenie Scott from the NCSE for my podcast Books and Ideas and I want to share the links with you. One of the things we talked about was the fact that accepting evolution does not mean one is an atheist.
She offers Link to show notes and to audio.

Oh, but come on, let's be realistic, Dr. Campbell. The majority of evolutionary biologists are pure naturalists (no God and no free will). Same thing goes for National Academy of Sciences. Did Eugenie Scott tell you that?

I realize that you were not intentionally trying to spin me, but - for the record, Darwinism is the creation story of materialism and Eugenie Scott is in the business of forcing it down everyone's throats - despite its gross and ridiculous deficiencies, about which more and more people are becoming informed.

Look, I deal daily with people who must decide how to avoid conflict with an increasingly rampant materialist system. If you want to know what the next stage is, take the time to learn about our struggles in Canada. It could be enlightening.

And as for "theistic evolution," don't get me started on that. If it meant anything, I would be considered a theistic evolutionist, because I have no doubt that God could design the universe so that everything was encoded at the Big Bang. But I am not called a theistic evolutionist. I am called a creationist.

Why? Because I think that we can reasonably expect to find evidence for God's work in nature. (The intelligent design theorists say that too.)

The Bible teaches that, as does tradition, reason, and experience.

But "theistic" evolution means that "God's work cannot be distinguished from chance events" so to believe in God we must take a "leap of faith" (= there is no real evidence for God's existence).

Incidentally, the atheistic evolutionary biologists cozy up to the theistic evolutionists. But they throw everything they can at the intelligent design guys and do everything they can to suppress evidence they bring up.

Did you ever wonder why that is?

By the way, I do not know which straw in the wind you meant - there is nearly a haystack by now - but it might be this one.

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