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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Question Seven: But what about our achievements? Surely we have at least some achievements?

Let me take a moment to celebrate a big achievement.

Today, The Word Guild - surely the first professional Christian writers' organization in Canada, exists — and it didn't exist a decade ago.

I know all too well how much work it has been for the small but growing army of dedicated volunteers, but to my mind it is our biggest achievement as Canadian Christian writers to date. I personally believe that our pioneer grandmothers NJ Lindquist and Wendy Nelles should receive the Order of Canada for their achievement in forging this organization.

Another big achievement is the growing professionalism of Canadian Christian writers. It has been quite some time since I have run into either a genuine Luddite who believes that the Underwood typewriter is a sacred amulet or a person who believes that the Holy Spirit dictates everything she writes (if so, how could I, as a mere writing instructor, possibly presume to assist her and why on earth is she seeking my advice?).

More and more of the writers in my own classes surprise, challenge, and delight me with their professionalism! They understand that writing is a craft and a business as well as a ministry and they are dedicated to learning the skills to make all three legs of the stool (craft, business, ministry) support their career.

Lastly, about my own journey as a writer? Well, after all that, there is not much to tell and probably less you want to hear.

Anyway, you just heard most of it. I wanted to be a writer ever since I was eight years old. But I grew up and learned the hard way how tough that is.

Because I wouldn't give up, I have lived through all the stuff I am talking about, and have learned to adapt.

And my best teachers have always been other writers, especially Christian writers, and that is what I feel privileged to try to pass on.

But now, I want to hear from you!! What have you learned? What would you like to celebrate? What do you hope for? And what has this edition of Write! Canada caused you to change?

Above all, What will you do differently when you go home?

So on that note, please speak up!!

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