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Thursday, June 05, 2008

My review of Christoph, Cardinal Schoenborn's attempt to tiptoe quietly through the intelligent design controversy

His attempt to tiptoe quietly is better known as his book, Chance or Purpose? Creation, Evolution, and a Rational Faith (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2007).

Tiptoeing quietly won't work, actually. The ID guys don't really care what he says because Darwinism and materialism are toast so burnt that even a miracle couldn't revive them, not that any miracle worker would bother, of course. But the Darwinists/materialists are accustomed to demanding total surrender from everyone for no particular reason, and I guess it becomes a habit or something. Anyway:

Introduction Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn's Chance or Purpose? Flickering light on the ID controversy at best

Part One: Is the proposed distinction between evolution and "evolutionism" legitimate in today's environment? (Of course not.)

Part Two: Why is it called "intelligent design" instead of "intelligent intervention"? (Because design is essential and intervention is optional.)

Part Three: What Cardinal Schoenborn doesn't like about intelligent design (The ID guys talk as though cells operate like machines or something. News flash!: They do. )

Part Four: Can the disgraced Teilhard de Chardin evolve into a pioneer of faith? (People just wouldn't get Christ the "evolutor" at my parish, no matter who said it?)

Part Five: Darwin's ladder knocking over Jacob's ladder? (Well, that's the idea anyway, and it won't be the Darwinists' fault if it never happens.)

You can read some comments and my responses here.

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