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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Misreading the "human" face of fascism

I posted this comment at Uncommon Descent, in response to another Canadian commenter, discussing this post:

[ ... ] sounds like he is one angry Canadian. I am glad he has a right to say what he thinks.

I must take issue with this, however,
“Out rights as Christians have been quickly and subtly dragged over the precipice while the rights of Islamics, Sikhs, criminals, gays, pedophiles and rapists ever increase.”

As I pointed out in the post, that is a common - but key - misunderstanding. And a disastrous one for far too many traditional Canadians.

The “human rights” racket fronts some minority group grievances in order to increase the power of the racket itself in the lives of all Canadians.

Members of minority groups acquire privileges only in relation to their ability to act as agents of the racket (whether they know they are doing so or not).

Levant describes a case in which the BC tribunal, for example, recently upheld the right of a McDonalds employee not to follow handwashing rules - and opined that there isn’t supposed to be a clear relationship between handwashing and health.

Such a ruling forces everyone who knows about it to maintain that a manifest untruth is true in order to protect themselves from the racket.

Does Borne imagine that Sikhs or Muslims will be permitted to insist that all employees follow proper sanitation procedures? As I said above, … as if.


Speech critical of a politician or his significant other - or of Christians - would generally be actionable if shutting down the person who made the statement increases the power of the racket.

I think that, right now, the human rights racket is better advanced by permitting abuse of Christians.

Scared by the growing hostility, many morph into Christianettes and are eager to comply with the directives of the Nanny Monster, instead of banding together to: Fire. Them. All.


It is mostly a long-term social engineering strategy - and that fact is often poorly understood by people who are stung by individual outrageous decisions - so they make the mistake of attacking the people they see as the beneficiaries of the decisions.

Fascism with a "human" face continues its lethal stealthy advance while public hostility is vented against the alleged beneficiaries.

Gil, if you don't yet have these Commissions and Tribunals where you live, I have a piece of advice for you:

Fire. Them. All. BEFORE. They. Start.

Find out who the poor excuse for humanity is who wants to be on the Tribunal, and give him his Termination letter in advance, and save your whole community much anguish and discord.

Cue "Chariots of Fire"!
By the way, who the heck was that fellow who said Canadians don't have a sense of humour? What unemployment line is he currently standing in?


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