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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just up at The Mindful Hack

The Mindful Hack is my other blog, on neuroscience and spirituality issues. It supports The Spiritual Brain (Harper One, Beauregard & O'Leary, 2007)

Real Buddhism scholar to "neural Buddhists": The Buddha does not infinitely morph and would never drop two g's for "meditation gear"

The Spiritual Brain gets Award of Merit at Write! Canada, plus Mario gets tenure

Free will: How can a guy who doesn't believe in free will take credit for writing a book? I mean ...

Evidence? If you are a materialist, trust me, you need never bother with evidence.

Alzheimer helps atheist appreciate God. Yes, really

Evolutionary psychology: Speculation rather than sound science, says new MIT Press book (= Future lies with "Clan of the Cave Bear" fiction)

World's ten worst books?: Read them so you don't end up living them.

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