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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Expelled: Why are Americans allowed to care so much about freedom?, and other thoughts

Two nights ago, I finally saw the Expelled film (the controversial political documentary about the intelligent design guys).

I had become almost proprietorial about the widely denounced #5 political documentary. I had first broken the story of its existence last August. I watched it pitch and roll through accusations of trickery, a threatened lawsuit over plagiarism and a real one over intellectual property, production delays (it was supposed to be released on Darwin’s birthday but was pulled for edit), and, inevitably, street drama.

Security was so tight that - as I learned a couple of weeks ago - not only could I not get a screener, neither could the screenwriter - fellow Canadian Kevin Miller.

Okay, so there I am, sitting half-frozen in a half-empty theatre in downtown Toronto, and … I had two main reactions:

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