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Friday, June 20, 2008

Expelled movie's screenwriter - recently demoted from "evil" to "stupid" - regains "evil" status

Kevin Miller, the screenwriter for Expelled (the controversial documentary about the intelligent design scientists), which premiers in Canada next week, mentioned his blog to me recently. There you can find out useful information such as where it is showing. For example,

Just added new cities in Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, and BC. Please also note that Kelowna and Kamloops have a release date of July 4. The movie opens on June 27 everywhere else. For the actual theatres in each city, visit the theatre located on Expelled's official site.
He also comments on the psychology of the Internet Darwinist:

Back on March 21, for instance, when I commented on PZ Myers's expulsion from the Expelled screening, I was immediately branded as evil. I've never been called a liar so many times in my life. And I was surprisingly touched by how many people expressed sincere concern over the state of my soul, urging me to repent for breaking the ninth commandment.

After I did acknowledge and then correct one or two inadvertent factual errors in my original post, the trolls on my blog backed off on the liar comments for a while and started to assume I was deluded. Maybe Kevin isn't such a bad guy after all, they said. He's just been conned by those nasty IDiots over at the Discovery Institute. Perhaps if we discredit them, Kevin will see he's been duped.

When that strategy failed, I slipped one more notch down the scale from deluded to ignorant. I was told I don't know anything about science, philosophy or screenwriting, for that matter. Several people tried to educate me on these subjects. But when they found my responses to their arguments unsatisfactory, I finally hit bottom. So this is the real reason Kevin got involved in Expelled: He's too stupid to know any better. Poor, poor, Kevin.

But fear not! In the past couple of days, I have reason to believe my status has been elevated once again from stupid to evil. According to recent reports, when Expelled hits theaters on April 18, it will usher in a new Dark Age that will bring an end to science, medicine, the biosphere, and the ozone layer.
Kevin, the Internet Darwinist uses terms like "liar" in a way different from you or me. He may mean that there is a minor factual inaccuracy in your work but he usually means that the overall drift of your work doesn't promote Darwinism. And because Darwinism is Truth, you must by definition be lying. That is the principal thought pattern of the fanatic.
Also, the term "stupid" or "moron" denotes a person who has not wholeheartedly embraced the Cause, who can think of objections to Darwinism. That is not a difficult feat, actually, so growing numbers of North Americans are now evil morons, a fact whch frustrates the Darwinist no end.

Many a morning, when I still had a combox, I would get up in the morning and reject two or three such comments. One thing about the fanatic, it never occurs to him that non-fanatics necessarily doubt his claim that he never persecutes anyone. It would be practically impossible for him to refrain, given his mindset.

But now let's not kvetch, Kevin. The Darwin trolls are rude and noisy, but they do fill the theatres to see Expelled - and when was the last time anyone went to see a documentary about the philosophy of science? Normally, far more people would pay to get out of such a show than to get into it. Yet aren't you #5 in political documentaries?

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