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Sunday, May 11, 2008

NO ONE makes a big-budget movie about faith and science bores

Recently, some friends were upset by a faith-and-science prof who was ruminating about how that awful Expelled film was ruining his tea party.

Well, first, no one makes a movie about people like that prof. Filmmakers look for heroes and resisters, not pettifoggers and yes-men.

I wrote back to my friends to say,
I’ve covered many public controversies in my time, and here is my take on this one:

Atheists in top science posts are waging an all out war against the reality of a designed universe.

Against any scientist who knows the facts and is unwilling to keep quiet or spout the party line (or some harmless “theistic” version thereof) is a target. Anyone – especially an identified theist – who attacks that scientist will be rewarded.

That is the one and only true conflict we are witnessing. Everyone who is at all relevant sorts himself in relation to that conflict.

And – this should be no surprise - many well-meaning Christian profs are taking money, and accepting perks and plaudits, to be on the top science atheists’ side, whether they recognize it or not. It comes out in the pettifogging, belaboured style they adopt when writing about issues for which, increasingly, only NAMES are even necessary:

Sternberg. Marks. Gonzalez. Crocker.

So then what happens? Well, life is fairer than some think.

People who tell a story or make a film choose to write about the Resistance, NOT about the Accommodation.

And the average devout Christian or Muslim or Jew is far more attracted to the Resistance than to the Accommodation.

When talking to average people, here is all I say: The universe and life forms look designed. That should be no surprise because the Bible says they are. And reason tells us that we should expect to see the evidence.

Top atheists find it an embarrassment and a problem. So those Expelled scientists got in trouble for crossing them.

But what would we expect? A rose petal parade?

Still, we must stop the persecution. The film was made to help with that.

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