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Thursday, May 29, 2008

ID organizations to watch - or not

Some people have wondered why there is so little activity at ID think tank ISCID these days.

One thing I have noticed about the intelligent design community is that - because it operates largely without funds - when the creativity and energy go out of a given project, it starts to obviously decline.

Contrast that, if you like, with an institutional structure where a government-funded paper mill that outlived its mandate fifty years ago can bumble along indefinitely at taxpayer expense, with 50 employees making work for themselves.

Darwinists, the two ID organizations to hate and obsess about at this point are said to be Biologic Institute and Evolutionary Informatics Lab, both of which are research programs.

Of course, someone may well come along and kickstart ISCID again, but my sense is that people are tired of just talking and are more into doing things now.

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