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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Expelled film pre-trashed by United Kludgies of Canada

The Ben Stein Appreciation Society has sent me a memo noting the goofy comments from the combox at The Hour (a popular talk show on Canada's tax-supported government broadcasting agency, the CBC) trashing the Expelled documentary (about scientists whose careers are threatened if they pursue evidence of design in the universe).

"Ben is diplomatic, intelligent, but the attacks that are in the "Comments" section are vicious, illogical and downright stupid. This is mainstream Canadian television!" says the Society's secretary.

Yes, it is. In Canada, these kludgies are mainstream. I would guess that most of them are on the public payroll. Some have almost earned enough merit badges to be Darwinbots.

And things could be worse: Here, a person who disapproves for the film is attacked for even wanting to see it.

Why would you want to see it? Your betters have already told you that Darwinism is korrekt. And if you ever doubted that, you might start wondering about a bunch of other things, like why Canada's government approves of the elimination of our constitutional guarantee of freedom of thought, conscience, and belief. (Foreigners, please don't write to tell me that it is a "Conservative" government. Yes. So?)

That, by the way, is the reason I no longer have a combox here at the Post-D. Under our new shadow "human rights" justice system, one can be charged over material that appears in comboxes. I simply don't have time to vet it all. I can barely keep up with blogging.

Anyway, re the Expelled film, it is #5 in political documentaries in the United States (since I checked just before posting), but I can't find evidence that it is being shown in Canada June 6, as I had earlier understood. That may be related to the Yoko Ono lawsuit over some bars from John Lennon's Imagine.

So, if you are a Canadian, the Kludgies who know you shouldn't see the film may not have a problem after all ... And relax, you have no problems as long as you don't really care about anything that they don't think is good for you.

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