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Monday, May 12, 2008

Dinesh D'Souza's comments on animal rights ethicist make Ben Stein's Expelled sound positively ... bland

Dinesh D'Souza, while somewhat critical of Ben Stein's Expelled movie, seems to be taking a leaf from der Stein's book, with his latest column, "Atheism and child murder", giving his own view of his debate with animal rights ethicist Peter Singer in a way calculated to enrage Darwinian atheists.
So while Christianity introduced into Western civilization the concept of dignity of human life, Singer explicitly says we have to get rid of this outdated concept. He contends that God is dead and we should recognize ourselves as Darwinian primates who enjoy no special status compared to the other animals. In the animal kingdom, after all, parents sometimes kill and even devour their offpsring. Singer argues that the West can learn from the other cultures like the Kalahari where children are routinely killed when they are unwanted, even when they are several years old.

Some of Singer's critics call him a Nazi and compare his proposals to Hitler's schemes for eliminating the unwanted, the unfit and the disabled. But as I note in the debate, Singer is no Hitler. He doesn't want state-sponsored killings. Rather, he wants the decision to kill to be made by you and me. Instead of government-conducted genocide, Singer favors free-market homicide.

D'Souza's column just went up today and as of 10:39 pm EST, he has 287 comments.

Next time I will have to remember to bring a feather to knock myself over with.

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