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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Richard Dawkins, the Flying Spaghetti Monster loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life ...

Here is a very interesting snippet from To the source about a startling admission by Richard Dawkins in the Expelled film he is currently trashing

Oh, you know, Lying for Jesus and all that ... wears pretty thin when you read the following:
As many of you know, Richard Dawkins has made a career out of attacking religion. He was behind the "documentary" film "Root of All Evil?". He is a frequent columnist, blogger and guest on cable news shows in which he claims religion is a "primitive superstition". He essentially attacks religion in every form of media available. His most recent assault comes in his international best seller "The God Delusion." The point is that Mr. Dawkins is very well versed in his arguments against God. But something rather shocking takes place when Mr. Stein asks Mr. Dawkins about the possibility that intelligent design might be useful in the area of genetics. Mr. Dawkins responds by laying out the "intriguing possibility" that life may have come into existence elsewhere in the universe and that this unknown intelligence seeded life on earth. Mr. Stein skillfully exposes the stunning contradiction in the foundation of Mr. Dawkins's thesis. That is, Mr. Dawkins is "intrigued" about the possibility that there could be an intelligent designer in the universe—just so long as that designer isn't God. Anyone who would suggest that there is a God designer is stupid, ignorant or evil.

Maybe it WAS the Flying Spaghetti Monster after all ... No, Pasta forbid! Too much of a mess to clean up.

Actually, this space alien view was also considered by such a famous scientist as genome mapper Francis Crick (also an atheist).

Why? Because origin of life is such a difficult problem that it argues far more against Dawkins's ideas than against intelligent design.

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