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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Only a Darwinist would think of something this vulgar ...

From The Scientist:
If only Charles Darwin could see what his work has come to.

In April 2006, Michael Fox, a 26-year old advertising salesman from Sydney, Australia, decided to start a joke dating Web site. People say that it's what's inside that matters, but what they really want is a perfect face, firm butt, and flat stomach, he reasoned. Why not be honest about it?

"Sick of dating Web sites filled with ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos?" asks Fox's online dating site, Darwin Dating. If so, like thousands of other disappointed online love-seekers, you can submit your photo to the Web site, allow your face to be criticized or ogled by potential dates, and hopefully pass the "natural selection" process and get voted in to an elite club of beautiful people.

"Darwin Dating has been created to better the lives of attractive people and to encourage them to find other attractive people with whom they can breed," the site reads.

The irony is that the a very common mistake that young people make is to fall for a hunk or a babe. Often, such people have coasted through life on their looks and are of little use on the long trek uphill.


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