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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The miracle of the disappearing prof

Nancy Bryson taped a recent podcast with Discovery Institute about how she got Expelled from Mississippi Women's U because she told students evidence against Darwin's theory of evolution. I had covered her story back in 2005, as part of a group of similar stories. Here's the excerpt on her situation:
Mississippi University for Women: During a recent honors forum at Mississippi University for Women (MUW), Dr. Nancy Bryson gave a presentation titled "Critical Thinking on Evolution" -- which covered alternate views to evolution such as intelligent design. Bryson said that following the presentation, a senior professor of biology told her she was unqualified and not a professional biologist, and said her presentation was "religion masquerading as science.

The next day, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Vagn Hansen asked Bryson to resign from her position as head of the school's Division of Science and Mathematics. "The academy is all about free thought and academic freedom. He hadn't even heard my talk," Bryson told American Family Radio News. "[W]ithout knowing anything about my talk, he makes that decision. I think it's just really an outrage."

Well, Dr. Bryson, St. Charles Darwin's fanatics are really into the "Miracle of the Disappearing Prof" these days. And I can tell you this much for sure - the prof really does disappear - though many such profs do turn up later at other U's or in the Expelled movie, and increasingly in the public eye.


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