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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Expelled: "Denormalizing" the Darwin thugs

If I had heard the word "denormalizing" from a sociology prof, instead of from Ezra Levant, the courageous Canadian lawyer who is working to bring down Canada's unspeakable "human rights commissions"*, I would just groan.

But, "denormalizing" is a useful term for the Expelled film's potential impact in the United States.

Consider, for example, the following recent events:

- When Rick Sternberg published a peer-reviewed paper in his Smithsonian journal that suggested support for intelligent design, a concerted effort was made to ruin his career. he was told not to come to the press conference disavowing the article because, he told Michael Powell of the Washington Post, "they could notguarantee me that they could keep order" among the distinguished Darwinist scientists (September 2005).

Why should such behaviour be considered normal? For more, go here.

Also, at Design of Life:

Do we really have any idea how dogs domesticated us? Not really.

The textbooks say identical twins have identical DNA. The science says otherwise.

At Overwhelming Evidence

Academic freedom and teachers' rights bills proliferate

Expelled film spotlights Baylor controversy?

*Note: To learn more about Canada's bizarre Human Rights Commissions ("hrc"s) and the struggle to denormalize them, visit Ezra Levant's site. Yes, the famous columnist Mark Steyn has also been hailed before a Canadian court where absolutely everyone gets convicted because there is no presumption of innocence and no valid defence unless you do not actually exist. Canada used to be the True North Strong and Free. Not any more, I am afraid. To the extent that the Canadian government actually supports the "hrc"s you will read about at these sites, it is fast becoming North American's North Korea. It is so bad that Mark Steyn, a Canadian citizen, cannot get a meeting with Canada's justice minister. But resistance is mobilizing. In fact, in a recent development, the Privacy Commissioner is investigating the "hrc"s. It is the first time any agency of the government of Canada has shown concern. See also the BBC story.

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