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Monday, March 24, 2008

Framing science: Finding a frame to fit materialism?

At Overwhelming Evidence, today, I reflect on the comments of Matthew Nisbet at the Framing Science blog.

His comments are a more interesting - and far more significant - illustration of what is wrong with science today than the uproar over Myers's ejection from the Expelled screening.

In his post, Nisbet pleads with Dawkins and Myers to just pipe down.

They are doing more harm than good by linking science with atheism, and he knows that that is not good public relations.

Look, it’s just not good public relations, okay? Things go on from there ...

[ ... ]

Note: I have myself attempted to resolve Myers's expulsion problem by paying for his ticket, if he will agree to watch the whole film, and not run out to trash it halfway through or something similar. I have e-mailed producer Mark Mathis with my offer. It will likely cost me US$8.00 or so, and my freelance writing business can easily spring for it.

It is much easier to solve Myers's problem about getting a ticket than to solve the more serious, science-related problems detailed in the documentary - the problems of people whose careers were destroyed by Darwinists simply because they know reasons why Darwinism isn't true.

For more, go here.

Note: This is the site I am updating on this story.

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