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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today at Access Research Network: My review of Darwin Day in America

Darwin's theory of evolution - essentially, that life, including human life, occurs without purpose and perishes without consequence - popularized points of view that would have been considered unacceptable to most Westerners in earlier times. Indeed, that has always been its greatest appeal, to judge from the thousands of editorials on how Darwin's great feat was to show that man is just a two-legged animal - a biped who affects trousers.


West quotes political philosopher Leo Strauss, explaining that scientific materialism tries to understand the higher in terms of the lower: the human in terms of the subhuman, the rational in terms of the subrational (p. 4).

To test his assumption, take a pop science mag and make a mental note of all the articles on human beings where the implicit or explicit assumption is that human behaviour can be understood in terms of animal behaviour.

On reflection, everyone knows that that is not true. Try to explain 9-11 in terms of animal behaviour and you will see what I mean. Nonetheless, "we think like animals" is the defining falsehood of our time. The falsehood is not argued for, it is merely asserted and assented to by millions of people who should know better.

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