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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The real reason why Darwinism is overwhelmingly confirmed - a tale for our times

Recently, I posted an interview with Expelled producer Mark Mathis at The Design of Life blog, in which we discussed the claim that the film misrepresented the Darwinists:
DESIGN OF LIFE: You interviewed 150 scientists for your film. I wonder if that's a record. I gather an effort has been made to discredit the film on the grounds that the anti-ID folk were misrepresented, basically that you tricked them into taking part.

MATHIS: It's not surprising. When you're used to a situation where everything that is talked about in books and films fits your dogmatic view - and that's what they've had - and then a film comes along that applies some actual skepticism, naturally they're unhappy.
They had the list of questions we were going to be examining. A controversy takes at least two sides. But they've become very used to only one side.
Apparently they didn't understand that we were really going to do just what we said we were going to do.

Well, I just had a similar experience to Mark's. Get this:

I had been asked to contribute to a book that represented both sides, that is, both Darwinists and ID sympathizers. I picked an author to respond to. A bit of preliminary work demonstrated that this Darwinist simply did not understand the evidence-based problems with his position (which he probably regards as "overwhelmingly confirmed").

Well, easy work for me, then: Explain what he left out. I was just trying to schedule time to write up my comments when I got mail from the project ...

HE wanted the book to be titled "Science vs. intelligent design". Yes! That's right. Him.

And isn't THAT convenient! Whatever evidence doesn't suit his tidy theory is not science, so it doesn't matter what I bring up.

No one has ever accused me of being a silent woman, so I allowed the project bosses to know what I thought of that in no uncertain terms. And - surprise, surprise - I am no longer on the project. But I bet he is.

I have only two things to say about the whole episode:

1. These people are just kidding themselves if they think that what they are doing is science.

2. If you see a book out there in a year or so called "Science vs. intelligent design", it might be this one. On the other hand, search Amazon before you decide. There might be SIX books called "Science vs. intelligent design", all competing with each other to front nonsense about evolution to an increasingly wary public.

Well, one good thing is that, unlike an election, book marketing is a situation in which they CAN all just lose.

Note: The interview with Mathis starts here.

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