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Saturday, February 09, 2008

More from The Mindful Hack

I've been trying to get control of my Mindful Hack* files, and finally post stories or forget them. Here are some I ended up posting:

Row between philosophers over consciousness
pulls better than your average Britcom

Are you a believer? You must be if you think that the future is real

A reader asks, by what mechanism are near death experiences transmitted?

The most significant thing about ex-atheist Antony Flew is that he was NOT convinced by an old tyme religious experience but by the evidence from science. So what gives with the "new atheists"?

One reason why The Golden Compass tanked at the box office?

Can everyone be wise? Or are most people just thoughtbots?

*the blog that supports my other book as co-author of neuroscientist Mario Bearegard, The Spiritual Brain

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