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Monday, January 28, 2008

Today at The Mindful Hack

How do unconscious people know when to wake up? They shouldn't, but they do, and so ...

To make sense, any theory of mind needs to address the data from physics. Notice, I said data from physics, not from Materialism 101.

This reviewer of The Spiritual Brain thinks that the God Helmet is as funny as I did. (Look, why don't atheists get out more? They could try going to church, for example, if they want to attack religion effectively. You can learn way more about the down side of religion at church than in some atheist think tank.)

Is human consciousness a trick to ensure survival? Well, let's start with the question of whether consciousness even helps much to ensure survival. Do animals commit suicide? Start wars over ideology? Consciousness creates numerous risks to life that would not otherwise exist.

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