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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Pope vs. howler monkey stand-ins?

David Warren assesses the ludicrous "human rights" regime in Canada ( where "hurt feelings" trump civil rights). For more on that, go here and here.

And, believe me, I am NOT making this craziness up. It's what happens when you put social workers in charge of the government.

In another recent column referencing the stuggle between human intelligence and Darwinist stupidity, Warren has also noted
I was quite struck, this last week, by one tiny aspect of this issue on display in Rome. Pope Benedict was invited to speak at a commencement of La Sapienza -- the famous science university, founded by Pope Boniface VIII in 1303. He had chosen to speak on the actual (as opposed to mythic) history of the case of Galileo. This was enough to inspire large demonstrations, organized by the Left, at the university and elsewhere. The pope cancelled
his appearance, after it became clear that his address would be interrupted by mobs of students and professors acting like howler monkeys.

A sensible move: for the pope is now publishing the text of his address, and everyone still capable of reading with attention may do so in the quiet of his home. Moreover, thanks to the negative publicity, more people will now read it.

B16's talk is here. A free subscription to this blog if you notice that it doesn't address Galileo and write to tell me so.

Here's a view from Frank Furedi at Spiked.


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