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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not a Darwinbot? Got a story? Tell it to the Expelled!

Have you got an Expelled story, for the movie about the current frantic attempt to suppress evidence of intelligent design in the universe?

Go here to tell it.

Here are a few stories that have appeared recently:
a steep cost for heresy
Added by: Jerald, kill the messenger when they discovered they could not kill the message

Credible Sources
Added by: Robert, A college paper thrown out and a failing grade given simply because some of my sources where written by authors who show evidence for Intelligent design

Alligator man fired
Added by: Norbert, After studying over 200 wild alligators and publishing over 100 papers I was denied tenure.

Intolerance at Christian Colleges.
Added by: Jerry, My experience of being expelled from several Christian colleges due to my doubts about Darwinism.

Now, I haven't investigated these individual stories, but they are consistent with the other gen.

I usually tell students, keep QUIET. Act like a good little Darwinbot. Question nothing, no matter how ridiculous. Practice keeping a straight face. (Anyone who laughs will be disqualified.) Get great marks.

And wait for the signal ...

(But just for now, you can tell your story.)

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