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Friday, November 23, 2007

News from the Design of Life and Mindful Hack blogs ...

The origin of life: Unsolved problem now shopped to off-market solutions?

The Darwinian left discovers group selection

Darwinism and popular folklore: Neanderthal man died out on account of equal opportunity?

Fred Flintstone vs. the law

He said it: Origin of Life pioneer on the challenge of origin of life research

Antony Flew: Is he too old Also, New York Times spin: Elderly ex-atheist is just senile.

Intelligence: How much is heredity and how much environment? - the Flynn effect

Books at home predict student success better than parents’ education

US anti-religion group loses standing to fight lawsuits

Faking out brain injury tests - yes, it can be done

AIDS numbers downsized: a learning experience

Pudging the Truth

Grandma was right: Just eat and be thankful

Our weighty obsession - this one should be required reading for teen girls. Eating disorders very often begin with a diet.

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