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Monday, November 26, 2007

British journalist Melanie Phillips weighs in for the ID guys

A British journalist, Melanie Phillips, said to be in Prince Charles’s circle of friends, has come out swinging in defence of the ID guys. In the “The real nutters are the fanatics who despise religious belief” (Daily Mail), mid-column, she denounces the irrationality of the atheist lobby:
In suggesting that life sprang into existence without any kind of governing intelligence, they fly in the face of the evidence emerging from science that the hitherto unimaginable complexity of life forms, including the living cell, makes it scientifically impossible for life to have emerged without some kind of intelligent design.

Nevertheless, the Dawkins-ites are lionised as apostles of reason. Meanwhile, those scientists who are doing what scientists are supposed to do - follow where the evidence leads them - and who have concluded as a result that life was created by a guiding intelligence, are hysterically smeared by the Dawkins camp.

In a shocking campaign of intellectual thuggery, this camp has falsely accused such scientists of being religious fundamentalists who believe the world was created in six days - when they believe no such thing at all. Some of these scientists then find they are threatened in their posts or even forced out altogether.

Well, yes, Melanie, but the Darwinism the intellectual thugs espouse is the Enron of biology, and they’ll do whatever they must to avoid letting anyone balance the books.


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