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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Many worlds theory supports intelligent design?

The blog, Anarchic Harmony , operated by William J. Murray, is worth a look. About many world's theory (= every time you turn right instead of left, a new universe is created in which you turned left) Murray writes,
I thought you might be interested in an argument I came up with in a new blog about how the MWI theory, which scientists are now starting to invoke in order to explain the anthropic principle and the origin of life, supports ID theory and indicates it would in fact be a better scientific model to use in many cases.

Say what?
The MWI argument is that out of infinite non-productive variations of universes we have one (or more, but we're in this one) that by chance is so ordered and specific that it has generated product (intelligent, conscious life forms with incredibly specified, complex biologies that are manifest from coded instructions) that utterly defies random, non-directed modeling, as well as an anthropic universe that utterly defies random, non-directed modeling.

Even if our universe is the necessary chance result of infinite, many-world iterations of universes, intelligent design would necessarily be a far better model of description and analysis than non-directed models in many scientific ventures, because an ID model would more accurately described the incredibly ordered, improbable patterns of chance outcomes in this particular universe.

I wonder what Murray thinks of Frank Tipler and versa vice. Tipler is the only genuine Christian materialist I have ever heard of, and he is enthusiastic about many worlds theory.*

I myself am unconvinced by many-worlds theory in any form. One problem is, as Robb Mann, University of Waterloo physics chair, pointed out to me the other day, it means that absolutely every implausible thing must be true somewhere.

Think about it. It's worse than the nihilists utter unyielding despair - you know, there is no truth, truth is unknowable and all that jazz: Rather, absolutely everything you have ever imagined actually exists somewhere! Sounds too much like magic to me.

I will eventually add Anarchic Harmony to the blogroll at your right (Never a Dull Moment ...). I will think about doing it today.

*Christian materialist: Not to be confused with the sort of "theistic evolutionist" who appears WITH materialist atheists in debates AGAINST Christian intelligent design apologists. George Hunter explains Darwin's devout pretty well in Science's Blind Spot. They seek to protect God's honour by insisting that natural selection does all the nasty stuff, and God really doesn't have much to do with it. As if.

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P.S.: I am working on another book proposal, so if I don't blog as often for just a bit, that is why.

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