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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Columnist lauds my favourite popular culture and science magazine!

In this column, column, Rebecca Hagelin has some more kind words for Salvo, a science and popular culture magazine that has kindly hosted some of my work. She writes, for example,
Take the obesity epidemic. It’s the fault of all that readily available fattening food, right? No, Salvo contributor Denyse O’Leary writes. As a child in the 1950s, she ate plenty of high-calorie food -- “greasy grilled cheese sandwiches, heaps of buttered potatoes drowned in rivers of gravy, and huge banana splits whenever we could get them.” But, O’Leary writes, she and her friends were also active -- riding bikes, swimming, running -- for hours every day. Unsupervised, at that.
The protected kids of 2007 follow a similar diet, but they exercise mainly their thumbs on the latest video games. “Today’s children will ride bikes and stay slim if their parents take them on bike trips,” O’Leary writes. “But the parents must then forego working overtime to pay for their next big purchase. Thus, our affluent society makes good health a question of choice, not chance.” Good luck finding that message in Time and Newsweek!

Good luck? You'd need a miracle, actually.

Here's the rest of my article on the bulge of pudge in our population. But don't stop there. Read all the excellent contributors, most of whom are way better than me. And subscribe! (unless you prefer to read tax-supported or billionaire-supported bilge.)

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