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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Behecula strikes!

Here's a hilarious post at Telic Thoughts on the fear that some have of discussion the question of intelligent design. The author riffs (considering that we are verging on Halloween):
What’s that?!… Did you hear that sound out in the hall?…A frightening predator roams the hall ways. The uneducated peasants call him Behecula. He has fangs 10 inches long, razor-sharp claws, and his mouth is drenched in clotting factors. He has supernatural strength and cunning, able to destroy the entire global scientific community by sucking blood from the soft underbelly exposed in a small community named Dover.”

Oooh, but I shouldn't steal, should I? Oh, why not? No, don't tempt me further! All of you follow the link to Telic Thoughts at once!

P.S. "Behecula" is biochemist Mike Behe, author of Edge of Evolution, a book on the actual limits of Darwinian evolution, reviewed here by me.


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