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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Wikipedia competitor takes dead aim at propaganda featured as information

People sick and tired of the nonsense and garbage sponsored at Wikipedia about intelligent design, take heart. According to the Times of London, there's hope. Citizendium has survived, and is serious competition:
A project has been set up with the aim of usurping Wikipedia as the web's leading reference work.
Like its rival, the Citizendium site will solicit input from the public. But in a departure from the standard "wiki" model, it will be directed by expert editors, and contributors will be expected to use their real names.
The changes are designed to stamp out the inaccuracies and mischief-making that have blighted Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia that "anybody can edit".
The venture reflects a general revolt against unchecked user-generated online content, amid fears that efforts to tap the wisdom of crowds have unleashed a tyranny of the masses.

Yes, anybody can edit Wikipedia, all right, and anyone does. Your crazy ex-squeeze, the guy nobody got along with at work, the fanatic whose tracts you recycled in Fluffo's litterbox ... all can get their revenge at Wikipedia. And what normal person has the time to fight it out with them?

Yes, information wants to be free, but there has to be a better way than that. Here and here are more links. Oh, and don't miss the RationalWiki follies. More rational than a rabid raccoon.

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