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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Behe actually showed in Edge of Evolution ...

Here's a favorable review of Mike Behe's Edge of Evolution:
Behe shows that although random mutation and natural selection can explain marginal changes in evolutionary history, they actually explain very little of the basic machinery of life. The "edge" of evolution - that is, the a line that defines the border between random and nonrandom mutation - in reality lies very far from where Darwin thought it did. Behe argues convincingly that most of the mutations that have defined the history of life on earth have been nonrandom.

I wouldn't have put it quite that way myself. I would say simply that Behe showed that where evolution has actually been OBSERVED, it has not happened the way Darwin said it would. So much for the "overwhelming evidence"for Darwin's theory - which is simply overwhelming belief and nothing more. No wonder so many people hate Behe.

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