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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Materialist philosopher calls Darwin doubter a "creationist"

A friend draws my attention to the following YouTube in which materialist philosopher Daniel Dennett calls biochemist Michael Denton, of all people, a creationist. He writes, "I quess a creationist now is merely someone who just doubts Darwin. Wow what a farce. The part about Denton is at the 19 minute mark." If you've got nineteen minutes to spare ...

Denton isn't anybody else's idea of a creationist, but he does make clear in Evolution: A theory in crisis and Nature's Destiny that he is no Darwinist. I gather there is some move afoot to define all non-Darwinians as "creationists". If that's the only way to keep the good ship Darwin afloat, it shows how serious the crisis over Darwinian evolution is.

Added: Another friend writes to say,
A couple of years ago, I surreptitiously attended a seminar by Dennett at my university on Darwin Day. Dennett assumed that all of the people in the room (50 or so) were atheists, and explicitly stated that his goal was to eradicate religious belief. He was remarkably disorganized, and at times seemed genuinely incoherent.

He was a big hit. The evolutionary biologists loved him (most of the senior professors wore beards just like Darwin's- it was like a satire). I said nothing, just happy to get out without being noticed as 'not one of them'.

Yes, but if Darwinism is TRUE, as he believes, then all the rest is details, and incoherence doesn't count.

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